Unique Guest Book Ideas:

Guest Book-2.jpgLooking for something other than your run of the mill guest book? Look no further! Below are ideas for a guest book as unique as you!!

World Travelers: 

Having an Italian honeymoon? Find a beautiful coffee table book based on sights of Italy and have your guest sign the pages.


Purchase an antique globe or world map and have guests sign on their favorite vacation spot!


Do you and your fiancé have a favorite print? Have the print wide mounted and guest can sign along the mat.


Design an album of photographs of you and your fiancé throughout your engagement just be sure to leave blank spaces for guest to signs!


Have a yearly devotional that you and your spouse can read together. Guest are welcome to sign and include well wishes to the couple throughout the pages of the devotional.


Purchase a Bible with a highlighter, have guest highlight their favorite verse and sign next to it.

Memory Makers:

Have an iPad displayed and ask guest to leave you a video message! What fun to look back on!


Have a Polaroid camera and sharpies! Guest can take a photo and sign their well wishes!

It’s All Games:

Have guest sign jenga blocks, every time you play you’ll be reminded of your loved ones!


Have guest sign puzzles pieces and enjoying putting them together!

Book Lovers: 

Coffee table book of your choosing! Guest can fill the pages with warm wishes for you and your spouse.


Vintage book of romantic poetry. How sweet would this be, looking through the poetry filled with sentiments from your wedding guest.


Hope you enjoyed!! Let me know of your creative ideas for guest books!




Christmas 2016: 4 Gifts with Thought

Untitled 9

This year we’re doing the holidays a little bit different. I LOVE everything about this season.  The traditions. The spirit. The food. The carols.  The weather. The decorating. And the shopping. You name it, I love it. But sometimes I find myself getting too wrapped up in the “stuff”. Panicking in hopes that everyone has “enough” gifts and then going out to buy more things. So this year each family member is getting 4 gifts. Giving purpose to each gift has made the process a true delight. I think it has eliminated the stress of over-buying and given a real meaning to our presents this year.

Something they “Want”: This can be any gift you find that they will enjoy. Maybe something they have been eyeing for a while and won’t purchase for themselves.

Something to “Wear”: Anything from the worlds softest robe, that perfect new dress shirt, or the most delightful new perfume, you name it! Get creative!

Something to “Read”: Maybe a subscription to a magazine, coffee table book, or a best-selling novel!

And a “Good Deed” – This can be a donation to an organization meaningful to the recipient! Here again, feel free to get creative!

In my personal experience this has made the gift giving so much more fun! I feel like I have a true purpose when going out to purchase gifts.  Every gift was bought with thought and intent rather than feeling rushed “just to get something”. Maybe this will inspire you to give it a try this Christmas (Let me know if you do!). I am hoping to take away the hustle and bustle and focus on what is most important; family, friends, and the true reason for the season.

Below are gift tags I have made to label each gift! Feel free to download them and use them for your gifts as well!! This year everyone will have the same wrapping paper, but different ribbon distinguishing their gifts along with these cute little tags! Ohhh my how I love this time of year!!  ❤ Sending lots of love to you and yours!

Untitled 9

Christmas Tag Download!



Beat the Heat!

Looking for ways to stay cool in this summer sunshine??

Read below for some quick tips to beat the heat!

Untitled 2

Outdoor ceremonies and receptions are just spectacular, but this hot southern heat can be sweltering.

  • For outdoor ceremonies — offer chilled mini bottled water. Bonus add a customized wedding label. If you’re feeling even fancier have a staffed bar offer iced water with a twist. (Keep reading for my fav flavor combos.)
  • For our outdoor June wedding we offered individual cooling clothes for our guest. What’s even better, they were lavender scented! A lovely cool refresher is always welcomed by guest.
  • Make your wedding programs work double time. Part program //part fan. So often those beautiful programs get left behind for the trash, this way they become an even more functional part of your big day!
  • For your outdoor reception cooling fans can be rented. Just make sure you have an outlet to plug them in and fill them with water. Voila, a cool breeze for your guest to enjoy.
  • For a wedding favor that can be used that day — Offer handkerchiefs, these can be customized any way imaginable and can function for wiping happy tears or a glistening forehead from that summer heat.

Favorite Water with a Twist combos: 

  • Mint + lime 
  • Cucumber + Lemon
  • Watermelon + Basil 


Photography: Mark Eric

Setting the Date!

Oh what a feeling! Phillip and I got engaged on December 2nd, 2015. That sweet precious moment had us both weak at the knees. It was truly wonderful. We spent the rest of our vacation on exciting adventures, lots of amazing food, and toying around with wedding ideas while enjoying a cup of coffee on the balcony. Obviously first things first (because you know everyone is going to ask) we set a date.

The date was meant to be. There are sometimes coincidences that happen, that you know had to be divine. Phillip and I both are truly blessed to have amazing role models to look up to. Both of our parents have shown us the strength in their love and commitment for one another. Phillips parents Angie and Layne were married on June 12th and my parents were married on June 11th. How perfect for June 13th to fall on a Saturday of that upcoming year. There were no questions asked — this was the date! It was the perfect symbolism of following in our parents foot steps.

We’ve also joked that no one has an excuse to miss an anniversary! June 11th, 12th, and 13th!

Once the date was set and we arrived back home it was time to call vendors and get the ball rolling!

I always love to hear the special details behind decisions made for peoples weddings and I hope you have enjoyed this one of ours!



Mr. and Mrs. Wells

Okay y’all this wedding was a BLAST! Meet this power couple Leslie and Chris Wells. Leslie is in Law School at Touro Law and Chris works for the NYPD, these folks are superheros! It was a ball having them in Natchez to celebrate this joyous occasion. You could feel the love these families had for this beautiful couple. I wanted to highlight one of my favorite parts of their ceremony, the music. Leslie and Chris had the most unique playlist for their ceremony and I LOVED it. This fun loving couple knows how to throw a great party!


Honor Seating:

That’s What’s Up — Lennon and Maisy Stella

Click Here to Listen! — That’s What’s Up

Having this song set the tone  for the ceremony was perfection. And these sisters voices, hello angels. Can they do a cover on every song ever written?

I’ll be the church, you be the steeple.

You be the king, I’ll be the people. 

I’ll be the sun, you be the shinning.

You be the clock, I’ll be the timing. 

You be the book, I’ll be the binding.

You be the words, I be the rhyming. 

You’ll be the bird, I’ll be the feather

We’ll be best Friends forever. 

You’ve got my love to lean on darling, that’s whats up.

Love the words of this song, anyone looking for wedding vow ideas? Here ya go. Literally repeat said lyrics and there you have it.

Wedding Party:

Hail Holy Queen –Deloris & The Sisters – Sister Act

Check out minute 1.05

Click Here to Listen! — Hail Holy Queen

Officially the coolest song ever for your wedding party processional. Everyone was grooving and once that clap started, oh my! You couldn’t help but sway to this song. There wasn’t one guest that didn’t have a huge smile spread across their face.

Bridal Entrance:

At Last –Etta James

Click Here to Listen! — At Last

Y’all when this beautiful bride exited a vintage Rolls Royce wearing a stunning art deco gown, jaws dropped. This song evokes all kinds of emotion and Leslie looked A M A Z I NG.

Tree Ceremony: 

I Found You –Alabama Shakes

Click Here to Listen! — I Found You

Leslie and Chris had all kinds of special touches during their ceremony. And I LOVED this one. We’ve seen several unity ceremonies, but have you ever seen a tree planting ceremony? It’s amazing! They took soil from both of their family homes and poured it together into a container with a tree that they will plant. So incredibly sweet and sentimental. Love the symbolism of the family soil and planting their own roots together as couple.

And these lyrics – Chills.

This isn’t sometimes.

Yeah, it’s for always. 

Cause I remember them days

I waited so patiently

For God to bring someone who’s gonna be good to me

And then he blessed my soul


This Magic Moment –Mia Dawson

Click Here to Listen! — This Magic Moment

How perfect for the bride and groom to have their first kiss and exit to this.  This was a magical moment!

This magic moment

So different and so new

Was like any other

Until I kissed you

This magic moment 

While your lips are close to mine 

Will last forever 

Forever till the end of time.

Needless to say this playlist was stellar. For everyone reading this go ahead and make your mix tape, I know I am.

Huge thank you to Leslie and Chris for including me in their big day! What a joy it was getting to work with them and their family.

Congratulations and best wishes Mr. and Mrs. Wells!


Venue: Rosalie Mansion:  http://rosaliemansion.com

Band: NolaDukes – http://noladukesband.com

Photographer: Van O’Gwin – http://www.vansphotography.net

Caterer: Thurman’s Food Factory: http://www.thurmansfoodfactory.info

Cakes: Edna’s Cake Creations

Florist: Moreton’s Flowerland – http://www.moretonsflowerland.com

Valentine Weekend Playlist!

Seeing as it’s the month of love let me list some of my favorite movies surrounding the subject:

The Holiday: 

This movie is filled with love, heartache, comedy, an amazing soundtrack, and an abundance of British accents, is there anymore you can ask for?I mean come on Cameron Diaz. JUDE LAW. Kate Winslet. Jack Black. Bless it.

Send me to that quaint little cottage in Surrey and I will forever be happy.


After the Sunset: 

A movie your man won’t mind watching with you. A romantic heist movie?? YES. Plus you’ll be ready to go on a tropical vacay by the time it’s over. Action. Romance. Thriller. Comedy.

The Proposal: 

This is all the explanation you need. Oh yes and Betty White.giphy


Just give me a box of tissues now, my heart can’t go on. I saw this for the first time, from start to finish, in theaters a few years ago when they rereleased it. Hello, I obviously hadn’t lived until this pivotal moment in my life. Also, I cried the entire way home.


Something Borrowed: 

I just adore this movie. Although parts of the plot can be frustrating at times, I find myself watching it time and time again.

The Roman Holiday:

Audrey Hepburn starring as a Princess overcome with royal responsibilities looking for an escape on holiday in Rome? Everything about this is perfect.



What are some of your favorite chick flicks?! Seriously, I would love to know!!

New Years Resolutions


weddingwell.jpgYou’re engaged and it’s a new year. Time to kick that healthy lifestyle into full gear!

Planning a wedding can be an exciting yet daunting task, and with that comes stress. Getting a workout in can help get rid of all that stress and bundled up nerves!

I like to change it up so you don’t get bored — cardio one day, yoga the next, workout DVDs, weights at the gym with your fiancé. Just keep it fun and you will be motivated to keep it up. Bonus: You’ll end up with a rocking bod!

It is so easy to eat unhealthy when time is of the essence and you’re super busy. Let’s try and make conscious decisions to fill our bodies with the nutrients it needs. Filling your body with nutrients vs fast food makes such a difference on so many levels. From complexion, to energy levels, and fitness you will be rocking!

  • Do eat nutrient rich whole foods; 100 Calorie packs are easy, but an apple and all natural almond butter is going to give you the fuel you need to plan your perfect wedding.
  • Incorporating more whole foods into your diet rather than processed = Happy Body!!
  • Do some form of exercise daily for mental and physical health (If weekend breaks or recovery is needed that’s totally reasonable)
  • Don’t try some crash diet (We can’t have a cranky bride)
  • Best Pandora station to get you pumped: Bachelorette Party Radio
  • Don’t get down on yourself you are beautifully created


Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe:

1 Banana

1/2 Cup Frozen Mango

1/2 Cup Frozen Pineapple

Heaping Handful of Spinach

Ice and Water

Blend and Enjoy!!