The Montgomery’s

Untitled 3What a joy it was being able to assist this bride and groom into making their big day a reality. I knew from the moment we met that Stephen and Penny were filled with love and wedding bliss. Their happy go lucky attitude made my job a breeze and a true pleasure!

The date was set August 1st. An outdoor wedding on the front steps of Rosalie. We all know what the 1st of August means in Mississippi. Sweltering heat. Well I don’t know who was able to pull some strings with the weather man, but it was a lovely weekend! The temperatures were lower than they had been all summer, and the best part no humidity!

At 6:30 sharp the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids arrived in a horse drawn carriage at the front gates of Rosalie. The ceremony was filled with a plethora of personal touches. From the hand written vows to the officiant being a family member of the groom, anyone could tell this ceremony was special. The ceremony ended with the breaking of a glass and everyone in unison cheering Mazel tov!

The reception was an absolute blast. The bride and groom hand selected their favorite playlist and DJ Rosco made sure the keep the partying rolling! The lawns of Rosalie were filled with yard games for the guest to enjoy while sipping their cocktail on this perfect summer evening. The bride and groom enjoyed cake created by Kira Byrd. The remainder of the evening was filled with heartfelt toasts and lots of dancing.

I wish the two of you nothing, but happiness! Your love for one another overflows and brings those around you endless delight and great joy. Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day!! Untitled 4



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