Meaning of Name

à deux:

  1. being between two persons in an intimate relationship.

dinner à deux

  1. intimately with just two persons present.

dined by candlelight à deux

Planning weddings now more than ever requires a village. But at the end of the day the most important thing to remember is the wishes of the couple. These two people who have chosen to dedicate themselves to a lifetime of love and happiness are my center focus. Out of all the other souls on this earth they have selected one another as partners to share in the good times and the bad.

With that in mind, I began the process of selecting a name for my business. And so the thinking  began — something original. Nothing sing-songy. A name with meaning. Does it appeal visually. Something that leaves an impression.


After much thought and brainstorming I came upon à deux. It met all of my criteria and I had the feeling of satisfaction when I discovered it. It gave me the “this is the right one” feeling.

My job is to ensure the couple is happy and we make the day everything that they have ever wanted. So what better name for a wedding planning business than à deux. And also it’s French, isn’t everything more romantic in French?

If you’re a recently engaged couple looking for help in planning your big day be sure to give me a call!



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