Couples Shower Ideas!


Cocktail Party:

Tell your friends to grab their best LBD. I’m thinking passed hors d’oeuvres. Champagne flutes and a string quartet. This party is best suited for those couples who like to mingle amongst friends while dressed in their finest attire.

Progressive Dinner Party:

This party is sure to be a good time. Although more logistics are involved, it will surely be worth it. Grab a party bus or party barge and hit the town. By land: Have a bus or limousine fleet pick up your guest at a designated location. It’s time to begin the journey! First stop at your favorite venue for cocktails or a hostesses house who makes a mean martini, next it’s time for an appetizer or two, and lastly head back to the original destination for the final course and dessert! By water: Friends with pontoons boats? Great! Follow along the same time line as above, but stop by lake houses instead!

Themed Shower

Do  you and your fiancé love a certain holiday? Let’s have a halloween party! Zombie Bride and Groom, is a must! Do y’all share a love for Mexican or Mediterainan food? Everyone dress in their best sombrero or dress like you’re headed to the greek isles and be ready to feast on your favorite dishes!

Themed Gifts

Do you have a passion for baking? Are you marrying a “Mr. Fix It”? Have a kitchen and tools theme party! All guest will bring an item for the bride and groom centered around this theme! Do you both love to travel? Ask guest to get you prepared for your honeymoon! I’m thinking new luggage! Do you love decorating for the holidays, but in need of new decor? Have a holiday theme — fingers crossed for a wreath for every season!


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