Thank-You Notes


Begin with thanking them for the gift given. 

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

Thank you for the beautiful platter. It is the perfect complement to our dining room.

Next as all Southern girls do, let’s gab! 

The body of the note is where we get into specific details of our gratefulness for the gift received. Below is a quote from a favorite book of mine.

“A note from a Southern girl never has a fill-in-the-blank feel. There is nothing generic about it. A Southern girl has to stop herself from gushing more than Old Faithful. If she is writing a thank-you note for a toaster, she doesn’t just say thank you. She tells you every little ‘ol thing she’s ever toasted in it or is likely to toast in it.”

Being Dead is No Excuse

by Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays

Side Note: If this book isn’t a part of your life — Run, don’t walk, to your nearest book store. Seriously, this book has me belly laughing from beginning to end.

Look to the future.

We look forward to seeing you at family Christmas this year. (Or whatever occasion you will be seeing them at next)

Lastly, reaffirm your appreciation.

Thank you again for such a wonderful gift. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness during this exciting time.


We felt so blessed to have you there celebrating with us on our big day. Thank you for making the trip and again, for the lovely gift.

Sincerely, — With love, — Many Thanks, (Select a closing that is most appropriate for the receiver)

Jane and Jack

A few tips:

  • It is best to mail Thank You notes within 3 months of receiving the gift. The sooner the better for the giver and receiver. (Thank you Emily Post)
  • Phone calls and emails are great, but not when it comes to Thank-You notes. A handwritten note is the way to go.
  • When thanking someone for a gift of money, rather than including the monetary amount thank them for their generosity.
  • Who receives a thank-you note?
    • Anyone who gives you a gift (Wedding, Shower, Engagement, Etc.)
    • Anyone who hosts a shower/party/get together for you (Each host or hostess should be thanked individually)
    • Anyone who has gone the extra mile. (Friends who have helped with the stuffing and mailing of invitations, assisted with out-of-town guest, helped in the planning process, assisted the day of, etc.)
    • If any vendors or people you hire exceed expectations it is quite nice to send them  a thank you as well
    • Be sure to thank your attendants for being a part of your big day and for all of their support during this special time
    • Lastly don’t forget to thank those who are hosting the wedding be it your parents or whomever. They’re rockstars!

For more information on etiquette check out Emily Post and/or Amy Vanderbilt’s books!


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