Christmas Gift Guide (For your fellow)


The Gift of Reading:

ebooks are great! But I love giving and receiving an actual sure-enough book. What about a biography of one of his favorite political figures? Or on the lighter side, a favorite celebrity. Does your fellow have a knack in the kitchen? What about a cookbook that he would love. Try a coffee table book that is filled with his favorite interest — maybe it’s travel, cars, or fashion.

My favorite gift to give is one we can benefit from too 😉

  • Tickets to a concert, professional ballgame, or comedy show
  • Date night certificate: Complete with a gift card to your favorite restaurant and movie tickets
  • Couples Spa Day


The Gift of Giving:

Does your man have a charity or organization that is special to him? Make a donation in his honor.

Gifts Surrounding a Theme:

  • New tennis shoes and a Fitbit
  • Netflix or HBO subscription and pajamas
  • Mens Health magazine subscription and gym membership
  • Favorite drink and corresponding glassware; tumblers, wine glasses, pilsner glasses, etc.
  • Fabulous new tie and dress socks
  • Cologne and body wash
  • New luggage and travel scale (that 50 lb minimum is no joke)
  • Are you settling into your new home together? What about a new comfy chair dedicated to him. Add a personalized throw for an extra touch!


Maybe your man has a favorite artist or already has a collection of art that you can add to. Art is such a personal gift that can mean so much. Favorite art idea: Vintage poster of places you have traveled to together. Check out this Etsy shop to see what I mean:

An Oldie but a Goodie:

New Clothes! The way to spice up this gift is by purchasing an item that isn’t your run-of-the-mill new dress shirt. This is the time to branch out and buy your man something that he doesn’t already have. Maybe a bold new shoe, or a fabulous cardigan. Even a wonderfully structured coat could do the trick ,and oh so fancy. The sky is the limit!

Favorite Stocking Stuffers:

Their fav foods, travel size cologne, fun socks, favorite movies, shaving kit, gift card to local car detailer, boot/hand warmers. Stockings are always my favorite to open!!

Last but not least:

A favorite childhood toy is always sure to bring laughs and nostalgia (action figures, cars, puzzles, an ant farm, you name it!)


Hope this guide gave you a little inspiration! What are some of your favorite gift ideas??


Have a very Merry Christmas!


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