December’s Guest Blogger: Catherine Myers

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Catherine is a Natchez  native currently living in Monroe, LA. Check out her post on her “Petal Paintings”. This involves preserving flowers from your wedding or special occasion in an art form!




Being a romantic at heart, I have always dreamed of the day when I will tie the knot. Even though that day has not come for me yet, I have found my way to help with others that have.

Wedding days are filled with happy memories for everyone involved. Brides especially cherish these memories, which leads to, of course, many keepsakes. There are many things held dear to the heart from these days, but one thing that is so special to many brides are their bouquets.

Bouquets though can sometimes be tricky to handle over time though, and this is where I can help.   There are many options available to preserve these special flowers. From shadow boxes to pressing the flowers in old books in the attic, we have all seen these flowers sit there. Well why not turn them into something beautiful, unique, and of course one of a kind? Turn them into a work of art.

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Being an artist, I pride myself on the satisfaction of my clients. If they do not love their painting, I have done something wrong. And being trusted with these flowers so near and dear to people’s hearts has humbled me beyond words.

Every “Petal Painting” is unique and can be designed to be a bride’s vision of her day or just to match her house. They can be large or small, and are also budget friendly. Preserving your memories is a must, so make it fun!

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Another plus for brides are my crosses! They make the perfect hostess gift for any occasion. And with an order of ten or more, each cross is $10!

Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email with any questions involving Petal Paintings or hostess gifts!

Catherine Myers — — 601-431-4813


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