Valentine Weekend Playlist!

Seeing as it’s the month of love let me list some of my favorite movies surrounding the subject:

The Holiday: 

This movie is filled with love, heartache, comedy, an amazing soundtrack, and an abundance of British accents, is there anymore you can ask for?I mean come on Cameron Diaz. JUDE LAW. Kate Winslet. Jack Black. Bless it.

Send me to that quaint little cottage in Surrey and I will forever be happy.


After the Sunset: 

A movie your man won’t mind watching with you. A romantic heist movie?? YES. Plus you’ll be ready to go on a tropical vacay by the time it’s over. Action. Romance. Thriller. Comedy.

The Proposal: 

This is all the explanation you need. Oh yes and Betty White.giphy


Just give me a box of tissues now, my heart can’t go on. I saw this for the first time, from start to finish, in theaters a few years ago when they rereleased it. Hello, I obviously hadn’t lived until this pivotal moment in my life. Also, I cried the entire way home.


Something Borrowed: 

I just adore this movie. Although parts of the plot can be frustrating at times, I find myself watching it time and time again.

The Roman Holiday:

Audrey Hepburn starring as a Princess overcome with royal responsibilities looking for an escape on holiday in Rome? Everything about this is perfect.



What are some of your favorite chick flicks?! Seriously, I would love to know!!


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