Beat the Heat!

Looking for ways to stay cool in this summer sunshine??

Read below for some quick tips to beat the heat!

Untitled 2

Outdoor ceremonies and receptions are just spectacular, but this hot southern heat can be sweltering.

  • For outdoor ceremonies — offer chilled mini bottled water. Bonus add a customized wedding label. If you’re feeling even fancier have a staffed bar offer iced water with a twist. (Keep reading for my fav flavor combos.)
  • For our outdoor June wedding we offered individual cooling clothes for our guest. What’s even better, they were lavender scented! A lovely cool refresher is always welcomed by guest.
  • Make your wedding programs work double time. Part program //part fan. So often those beautiful programs get left behind for the trash, this way they become an even more functional part of your big day!
  • For your outdoor reception cooling fans can be rented. Just make sure you have an outlet to plug them in and fill them with water. Voila, a cool breeze for your guest to enjoy.
  • For a wedding favor that can be used that day — Offer handkerchiefs, these can be customized any way imaginable and can function for wiping happy tears or a glistening forehead from that summer heat.

Favorite Water with a Twist combos: 

  • Mint + lime 
  • Cucumber + Lemon
  • Watermelon + Basil 


Photography: Mark Eric


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