Christmas 2016: 4 Gifts with Thought

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This year we’re doing the holidays a little bit different. I LOVE everything about this season.  The traditions. The spirit. The food. The carols.  The weather. The decorating. And the shopping. You name it, I love it. But sometimes I find myself getting too wrapped up in the “stuff”. Panicking in hopes that everyone has “enough” gifts and then going out to buy more things. So this year each family member is getting 4 gifts. Giving purpose to each gift has made the process a true delight. I think it has eliminated the stress of over-buying and given a real meaning to our presents this year.

Something they “Want”: This can be any gift you find that they will enjoy. Maybe something they have been eyeing for a while and won’t purchase for themselves.

Something to “Wear”: Anything from the worlds softest robe, that perfect new dress shirt, or the most delightful new perfume, you name it! Get creative!

Something to “Read”: Maybe a subscription to a magazine, coffee table book, or a best-selling novel!

And a “Good Deed” – This can be a donation to an organization meaningful to the recipient! Here again, feel free to get creative!

In my personal experience this has made the gift giving so much more fun! I feel like I have a true purpose when going out to purchase gifts.  Every gift was bought with thought and intent rather than feeling rushed “just to get something”. Maybe this will inspire you to give it a try this Christmas (Let me know if you do!). I am hoping to take away the hustle and bustle and focus on what is most important; family, friends, and the true reason for the season.

Below are gift tags I have made to label each gift! Feel free to download them and use them for your gifts as well!! This year everyone will have the same wrapping paper, but different ribbon distinguishing their gifts along with these cute little tags! Ohhh my how I love this time of year!!  ❤ Sending lots of love to you and yours!

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Christmas Tag Download!




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